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More than 80 years ago, Joe Wheeler EMC set out to serve with electricity rural areas in Lawrence and Morgan counties that were being left behind by for-profit providers. Today, JWEMC is doing the same by providing FlashFiber internet service to those same areas. This is no small task, but JWEMC feels an obligation to provide this necessary service and improve the quality of life for members. The Internet is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity much like electricity.

Fiber internet is changing the way we work, play and communicate with friends and family. With speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second (That’s 2,000 Mbps!), you can meet all of your entertainment needs and do things like work from home, complete schoolwork from home and take advantage of smart devices. 

Residential Pricing

300 Mbps — $59.95/mo.*

1 Gig* — $79.95/mo.*

2 Gig* — $99.95/mo.*

Includes modem, router and support — everything you need to keep you connected!

Phone options**

With internet — $29.95/mo.*

Without internet — $59.95/mo.*

*Plus applicable taxes and fees.

**Phone packages include local and long-distance calls.

*They do not include international calls. Battery back-ups are not included, but we do plan to offer them for sale.

*Gig is gigabits per second.

What makes FlashFiber so much better?


Fiber is the best technology available and uses light to transmit data at a much faster rate. FlashFiber will provide speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second, which is much faster than any competitor can provide.

No data caps

With FlashFiber you will have unlimited access with no data caps and no throttling of speed.

Free Wi-Fi!

FlashFiber includes managed Wi-Fi. That means we will make sure that fast, stable internet access reaches every corner of your home and you have 24/7 customer support if you have any issues. All of this for NO extra charge!

A powerful future

FlashFiber will help shape the future of our area. Not only will you be able to access this technology in your home, but it will also help the community move forward by helping with economic development, job creation, telemedicine and much more.

What will you do with FlashFiber internet?!